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Walk Comboyuro Loop

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Bulwer Township to fork in road - 5km (allow 30 min) - Grade: Easy

Walk from the landing point to Bulwer, a small town/fishing village and holiday destination, through the dunes. Take the road to Eastern Beach as far as Taylor Bight turnoff.

Heathland to Beach - 1.5km (allow 30 min) - Grade: Easy

Caution vehicles on road. A short walk along the edge of the heathland swamp and then through a Casuarina woodland to the open beach at Tailor Bight.

Taylor Bight to Dog Creek - 2km (allow 30 min) - Grade: Easy

Turn left and follow shoreline south. The western beach is on Moreton Bay and views to the mainland. There is a variety of marine and bird life to be seen along this coastline. The sarsaparilla coloured water of Dog Creek are worth a stop.


Comboyuro Point to Bulwer - 2km (allow 30 min) - Grade: Easy

Beyond Dog Creek continue around Comboyuro Point where the beach is off limits to motor vehicles. The campground (toilets) is hidden behind the trees. The Bulwer Wrecks appear. Good place to take a dip and throw a line.


Price $109

  • Transport Brisbane / Return
  • Luxury Cruise Moreton Bay Marine Park
  • National Park permit fee
  • Provide your own lunch
    - OR purchase on cruise across Bay
    - OR at Bulwer Township

Ph. 1800 353 171 or (07) 3211 4772

Boat departs at 3pm from Bulwwer Shipwrecks

Don't be late!