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Private Tours

The essence of Walkit holidays is flexibility. Whether you want a guided holiday for your hiking group, a weekend escape from the city, some gentle walks for young children or something more energetic for the teenagers on your family holiday. Sometimes families or a group of friends include people of different ages or fitness levels, making it difficult to find a holiday that suits them all. Parents, children and grandparents might like to take a holiday together, but whilst some of them may be keen walkers, others might not want to walk as much or even walk at all. This is no problem on a Walkit custom holiday. We can offer a variety of interesting alternative activities, from the gentle such as bird watching or whale watching, relaxing on a beach or visiting local sites Rainforest on Fraser Island. We also can offer to the more adventurous walkers activities such as kayaking the Tangalooma Shipwrecks or exhilarating Sand Surfing rides along the dunes on Moreton Island rugged coastline; Maybe try a Snorkel tour at the Shipwrecks. Then everybody can meet up for lunch or a Cup of tea at the end of the day. We are known for our flexibility and personalised services tailored to your individual wishes.