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Moreton Island Great Walks

Moreton Island Sand Dunes
moreton island map
Moreton Island Map

Moreton Island is a 17,000 ha, naturally formed sand island, with approx 95% National Park. Its ecology is complex and fragile and supports a number of habitats - beach and dune communities, sedge and paperbark swamps, banksia heathlands, open woodlands, freshwater lakes and streams and salt marshes which attract countless species of birds, reptiles and small marsupials.

Moreton Bay Marine Park is home to countless species of fish, sea turtles, dolphins and the gentle and shy dugong as well as sharks and stingrays, crabs, molluscs and other invertebrate wildlife.

Walking on Moreton can be a challenge without good support. Tide and wind on the open beaches as well as daytime maximum temperature must be considered. Food, water, camping and transport are a necessity. Good advice and support can be invaluable.

Let Walkit look after your transport and logistical needs when you walk Moreton Island. Our experienced and friendly drivers know their way around the island. We can ensure you get the most out of your experience. Our walks are designed with you in mind. We have a number of established campsites on the island.

Wild flowers, birdlife, views for miles, marine life, lakes, large sandhills and much more on the worlds 2nd largest sand island.

Moreton Island

moreton island western beach
Looking out to Weatern Beach