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Rous Battery to the Wrecks

Rous Battery track - 9.8km (allow 3.5 hours) - Grade: Moderate

Wander through scribbly gum forest and patches of the green, feathery ground plant called foxtails. Always carry sufficient drinking water. Bore water is only available along the track near the ocean beach but should be treated before use. At the end of the track turn left to the desert.

Road to the Desert 500m (allow 30 min) - Grade: Easy

Caution required. Give way to vehicles on road.


The Desert - 500m (allow 30 min) - Grade: Moderate

The Desert is an area of the island formed by erosion and is under constant change. The steep dunes are ideal for sand boarding and tobogganing. Make sure you keep steep dune on your left as you cross The Desert to the far side directly across from the car park.


Track to beach - 1.5km (allow 30 min) - Grade: Moderate

A clearly marked track leads through woodland to the western beach. You will pass a minor track on the right half way to the beach. A set of steps takes you down the steepest section with good views of the bay.


Western Beach - 500m (allow 30 min) - Grade: Easy

Turn right and head north to the jetty along the sandy beach of Moreton Bay. Dolphins can be seen all along this beach at various times as well as other marine life plus a variety of birds (eg osprey). This is a short walk but remember cars are allowed in this section.

Tangalooma - 500m (allow 1 hour) - Grade: Easy

Originally a whaling station, the resort's lease includes the beach. No cars allowed. The jetty is where dolphin feeding takes place in the evenings and worth a look. Stop for food and drinks before heading on to the wrecks. Be sure to inspect the flensing deck on your way out.

The Wrecks - 500m (allow 30 min) - Grade: Easy

A safe anchorage for boats and a playground for water sports eg. snorkelling. It can get busy here with cars, campers, swimmers all trying to take advantage of some excellent conditions.