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North Point to Blue Lagoon via Cape Moreton

North Point to Honeymoon Bay - 2km (allow 90 min) - Grade: Easy

The beach to North Point is closed to vehicles. Head north to the rock pools at North Point taking in some remarkable scenery along the way. Explore the headland and rock pools and walk up and over to beautiful Honeymoon Bay.


Honeymoon Bay to Cape Moreton - 2km (allow 90 min) - Grade: Easy

Head up the gulley behind the beach to a walking track. This takes you back through the campgrounds then onto the road to Cape Moreton. At the cape there is fantastic scenery, marine life (whales, dolphins, turtles etc) the historic convict built lighthouse, good paths, historic buildings and a small museum.


Cape Moreton to Harpers Rock - 1km (allow 30 hour) - Grade: Easy

Head back down the road and turn left towards the eastern beach. The road down to the beach is steep for vehicles, take care. At the bottom lies Harpers Rock and the start of a 35km beach beside the Pacific Ocean.


Harpers Rock to Spitfire Creek - 4km (allow 90 min) - Grade: Easy

This is an easy walk at low tide but a strong south easterly wind makes is more difficult. There are fish to be seen in the waves, pairs of pied oyster catchers on the white sand, white bellied sea eagles above and 35 km of beach.


Spitfire Creek to Blue Lagoon - 3km (allow 1 hour) - Grade: Easy

Spitfire creek is the first of many fresh water streams that flow out of the island. The beach continues to Blue Lagoon campground and your camp for the night.