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Honeyeater Lake and Blue Lagoon Circuit


Blue Lagoon walking track 1km - (allow 20 min) - Grade: Easy

Clearly marked track to Blue Lagoon from campground over a sand dune down to the picturesque Blue Lagoon, a window lake, where the water table is exposed.


Blue Lagoon shoreline 500m - (allow 20 min) - Grade: Easy

Turn left at the lake edge and work your way along the shore to a clearly marked track heading left.

Blue Lagoon to Bulwer Rd. - 500m - (allow 20 min) - Grade: Easy

This is an exposed section, but a fairly straight track. It is a harsh environment with some stunning flora. Glimpses of Honeyeater Lake are off to the left.

Bulwer Road to Honeyeater Lake - 500m - (allow 20 min) - Grade: Easy

Turn left onto Bulwer Road and the viewing platform over beautiful Honeyeater Lake is a short distance away. Very peaceful and scenic spot.


Honeyeater Lake to eastern beach - 500m - (allow 20 min) - Grade: Easy

Continue along the road to the beach. You pass through another low swamp behind the coastal dunes.


Back to camp - 1km - (allow 30 min) - Grade: Easy

Turn left and head north back to the Blue Lagoon Campsite.